Book FOUR in the Space Fleet Sagas ---

     Daniel Cooper and the Wraith ship, Cassandra, are yanked from space-fold. Shanghaied by pirates and taken to the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Recruited to save a princess and prevent an Empire from overrunning a peaceful alliance.

     Sounds more fantasy than science fiction, but exactly the adventure Coop needs to recenter his life after almost dying.

Take a spirited journey through the South Carolina Lowcountry with the ghosts who lived its history.

Discover the truth behind legendary hauntings, as the author collects poetry from the apparitions attached to famous locations and infamous events from the past.

A unique opportunity to learn about ghosts, from the ghosts. Paranormal poems collected and presented with the story of enticing each spirit to manifest. Poetry created by haunted souls to set the record straight about who they were and why they remain after death.

AMAZON #1 Hot New Release.

CONTRAVENE - The Fifth Story in the

Space Fleet Sagas scheduled release September, 2018

from Caballus Press of North America


Cahal Kearney - The Dúnmharú

     asked the Maerrighan for a favor in THE SEVEN GATES. He needed her help to save his friend, Maggie, and his dog, Daegen. Payment is now due.

     He must plane-travel to Pandaemonium, the world of the UnSeelie and the Black Queen to resuce his father -- a Fae he has never met. Save Sionnach and return him to Earth or die in the attempt.

Annabeth Hughes - Vampire

     is asked a favor by her sire, Bishop.

     She must travel by plane to Atlanta, Georgia to quell a vampire uprising caused by the arrest of their leader, Arina. She walks into her own hell - human hostages about to be slaughtered with all the blood and gore streamed across the internet.

Favors made or paid can be a real bitch.

Released: June 14, 2018

Dúnmharú - DARK

Book 3 in the Dúnmharú Serial Urban Fantasies


November, 2018